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It is often difficult to make peace with the changing tides, the branches of the trees that we look after breaking off, the sun going down when we most enjoy the daytime. But the nature of things that live is unstoppable. Uncontrollable. There's the need for appreciation and trust in all that is, all that comes and goes. Things happen as they should do. Things flow because they live.

We take our days for granted. When we open up our eyes we are faced with a miracle of another breath, another day of wonder. Each and everyone of us has a path, which we make by simply walking it. Being an observer allows one to be the maker. The maker of life, the maker of things. The art at it's easiest. By letting go, letting things in and flow, we take the path of least resistance and close the gap between the I and the I. 

“All human knowledge takes the form of interpretation.”

— Walter Benjamin

To see one's life in it's fullness it to trust that all the stars are scattered as they should be. Only then can we open up to the possibilities that we didn't even expect, as the forces that we don't comprehend with our human senses, lay down the order in which we can spot the stars. To live is to discover one's talents, one's unique way of perception, one's original curiosity. 

As I find my own peace and path through the visual art, I reflect on the connections between the subtleties of the natural order, and the inner world that is always mirrored in the environment. Photography is one of such expressions. I allow myself to observe that which is right in front of me, and find the meanings flushing in front of my very own eyes.

life is the chemistry that flows revealing images as it goes through agitation tiny twists and big swirls into the stable waters of fixing trays

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