“When reason falters and certainties begin to crumble they [feelings] are about being taken to the limits. The sublime experience is fundamentally transformative, about the relationship between disorder and order, and the disruption of the stable coordinates of time and space.”

- Simon Morley, “The Sublime”

The speed with which the water flows is often astonishing. Even the slow, big bodies of rivers exposing and covering their beds during the changing tides, advance in such a way that when one looks away and returns to the same spot immediately, the scene has already transformed.

As it’s always in motion, there seem to be no end and no beginning to the flow of water. The streams and rivers start high up in the mountains, as a single spring that suddenly appears in between rocks. Is this the inception of life? A sudden burst of energy appearing as if out of nowhere, yet powerful enough to carry on for miles, for eternity.

“In a space without gravity there is no weight, and these pictures of hers are, as it were, weightless in terms of time. It is as if they have been taken between times, where there is none.”

- John Berger in “Understanding a Photograph” on
Jitka Hanzlová’s Forest series

If one wants to follow the truth, it can only be their truth.