series of beings : LOVE


She met him over a bed in the hospital where he was an ambulance driver. The same bed where he gave his last breath fifty years later. What happened in between is their story, together as lovers, travellers, friendly faces and family makers.

They grew apart a bit, I remember. At some point his body decomposed, hers become even stronger. 

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love maziowieTeresa i Wojciech Maz Tadeu

Love is being in space and time with pure positive energy.

Love. Such a short word for such a wide array of colours, tastes and emotions. It's a source of desires and ideas, never asking any questions without pointing you like a dog's wet nose to the answers. It breeds humans and it writes poetry, it sings songs and it goes up mountains, it jumps off of cliffs and it stands in the rain, it drinks till it can drink no more. 

Love is what holds your own hand as you read through the dictionary of life. Some say love is a river, I say that's what you are. 

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