series of beings : AFFIRMATION

Great things are done as a series of small things brought together - Vincent Van Ghough

To witness a waterfall is to experience its flow. To see how it slows down and speeds up upon varying tides. Where does the water come from? Where does it go? It would seem that wherever it come from there is always more and wherever it goes there is always space to take in more. 

Sometimes the stream breaks into two, or more. When the water has more distance to travel through space, the flow seems slower, but in fact, it's always stronger. 

What if life is like a one big process of affirmation? What if the answer no didn't exist? What if everything that is simply wants to be affirmed? The process of letting go of our thoughts, attachments, fears and desires is "similar to a wheel of a ship. If we make even a one-degree change in the ship's compass, we will notice very little difference; but, as the ship sails over the sea hour after hour, day after day, a one-degree change in the compass will end u taking us to a very different place many miles from where the original course would have taken us." David R. Hawkins

The development of kinesiology seems to lead to the conclusion that a human muscle can only affirm.  During kinestiologic testing a resistance is applied to a muscle (for example an hand pushing down on an extended arm) and afurther studies suggested that the world cannot answer negatively, e.g. it can only confirm what is or reflect that it cannot confirm that, but there is no possibility to receive a negative answer - the one that would say no, this is not true.

This might be a little confusing at first but what it says to me is that because I can get a 'yes' from the universe and I cannot get a 'no', then there is always an opportunity for making the affirmation true. What is also tells me is that the world works as an affirmation machine - it is meant to affirm things, whatever they are. (Hence the law of attraction.)

Now, the importance of knowing that whatever I do is an affirmation, rather than a negation, is the ability to develop a true way of looking at everything we do. I mean everything. From having a cup of tea, through reading this or that book, to setting up a daily schedule, we affirm our intentions. When I look at all of the things that I say and do as an affirmation I am able to make better decisions and things become clear. I simply ask myself - what is this affirming? When a baby takes its first breath it affirms that it wants to live. When it opens its eyes it affirms its intention to see. When the baby starts crying, it affirms its intention to be attended to. 

When I write this article I affirm that there is knowledge in me that I want to express and share. It affirms that I am interested in the subjects that I cover. It affirms that I enjoy making spiritual concepts clear and useful. 

The affirming process resembles a magnetic field. If the only possibility is an affirmation or lack of it (which is not a negation but a variation of affirmation), it means that whatever we affirm will be drawn like a magnet to that which is of similar energy. I often imagine people as walking antennas that ping when the signals match. This concept is also why there is so much emphasis in the spiritual world on feelings and on the energy we put out. I simply see these as intentions.



(I don't want to say new or alternative way of looking because I have already agreed within myself that human's spiritual work is to undo and remove what we've learned over the years as we were growing up that is untrue - that doesn't serve us and the world.)

When I write this article - what is this affirming? It affirms that there is knowledge in me that I want to express and share. It affirms that I am interested in the subjects that I cover. It affirms that I like making spiritual concepts clear and useful. 

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